Save Our Bees & Pollinators

Responsible Caregiving for our Planet


Honey Bees are so much more than HONEY!

Honey Bees produce wonder flavors of honey, dependent upon the flowers from which they gather nectar.  They pollinate those flowers and much of our food – imagine no almonds, watermelons, strawberries….

You don’t have to be a bee keeper to help bees, however, there are so many other ways to help them.  

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Honey Bees also:

Make wax for candles and makeup products

Produce pollen  supplements we take for energy

Wax produced by bees makes an excellent cleaner

 Honey Bees sting are used  for Arthritis, Lymes Disease and other pain  prevention

Bees produce “Propolis” used for prostate cancer and other treatments

Honey Bees contribute about 1/3 of every bite of food you take….. 

So our wonderful Honey Bees aren’t just for creating honey!  They are one of the most organized and systematic creatures on earth. 

A few days with our bees!

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